Recognizing the increased demand of palm oil worlwide and available resources with our advantageous location in Medan as the heart of world's largest producers of palm oil, Tanimas group of companies start its first operation in 2002 in Medan as a collector of palm acid oil from the palm oil mill scattered all over Indonesia.

To catering ever global market's growing demand of palm oil products we are actively expanding and engaging in a diverse range of palm oil products to catching on to these new business oppurtunities and to be one of the player of palm oil industries and palm oil products.

Head Office
Jl. Multatuli, komplek Multatuli Indah Blok E / 46
Medan 20151 - North Sumatera

Phone : + 62-61 453 0735 (Hunting)
Fax      : +62-61 453 0730
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