Tangki Mas


PT Tangki Mas was incorporated in 2007 as a reliable palm oil transportation partner.

The  company  is  keen  on delivering  high  standart  of  quality  and  best  service   by  maintaining   standart  of  palm  oil  delivered  from  the  mill  to  the   destination   and  prompt  delivery   schedule.

To cater  growing  demand for  dependable  transportation of  palm oil  we continues  to expand geographically. Today we have operation in number of Indonesia's export port include Belawan, Dumai and Boom Baru.

Warehouse / Pool :
Jl. Pulau Menjangan - KIM II Mabar
Desa Saentis - Kec Percut Sei Tuan
North Sumatera

Phone : + 62-61 687 1777
Fax      : + 62-61 684 1749